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Manus Dei

A "mysterious hand" appeared at appeared at a church service in Calabar, Nigeria, and why not?1 The people of Calabar certainly could use a hand. The mysterious hand, radiating light, "pierced through the ceiling" of the the Glorious Assemblies Ministries, astounding all who witnessed it.2

Pastor Timmy Larry "described the hand as the hand of Jesus Christ", which matches the account of parishioner Princess Agnes Archibong, who said "the hand does not look like ordinary [i.e. black] hand".3

Oddly, one of Calabar's many attractions is a statue of a giant hand.

1Nigeria is roughly 30 times the size of Belgium.

2The Glorious Assemblies Ministries is "popularly known" as the Christ Endtime Military Academy.

3Possibly a descendant of King Archibong III.

Roughly the Size of Belgium

Conglomeration of golf-ball-sized volcanic rocks floating off the coast of New Zealand.

Largest iceberg on record.

Area of Indonesian rainforest destroyed every year.
Area of Brazilian rainforest destroyed every year.
7,759,663" pizza.
Map of Belgium drawn on a scale of 1:1.

Rozan Kobar

A new type of Mussulman who lives underground was discovered. As far as we know they only occur in an area just outside the Russian city of Kazan, but I ordered my groundskeeper to dig a few exploratory holes in the yard, just in case.