1. Where are you Mr Carter Van Carter?

    I've news of a school in Malaysia that has been tormented by evil spirits. "Some students have claimed to have seen all sorts of beings in the school, from a pontianak to a pochong. - See more at:".

    Furthermore, "We had to close the school today (Thursday). To date, we have more than eight ustaz and bomoh to help us chase away spirits that are said to be in the school compound," she said. - See more at:

  2. Appears that Mr. VC has been laying could be the appearance of the Pontianak (possibly meant as Pontiac?...the Judge could explain this sudden devotion) or perhaps a late-life conversion to Gnomonism...Mr. VC may be the last living devotee of the Jimmerson Spiral. Let's see if this message finally smokes VC out from his lair.

  3. If the previous story about a Malaysian school persecuted by evil spirits didn't get a reaction from Mr Van Carter - I don't know what will.

  4. Some additional news that I'm sure would interest Carter Van Carter and his readers. "Indian farmers demand action as lightning kills 93 people in two days" at

    What will they do? Issue portable lighting rods?

  5. "Where are you Mr Carter Van Carter?"

    Making comments like "There won't be another black man elected president" on

    He performs daily there.


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