The Beast of Bolga

Exciting news from Ghana (when was the last time you heard that?) where a human-pig hybrid has been created:
“The people of Bolga, the Upper East regional capital are struggling to come to terms with circumstances that resulted in the delivery of a piglet which has the face of human.

The owner of the pig, John Akologu who lives at Sawaba, a suburb of Bolga, was shocked when he woke up on Friday morning to see his pregnant pig litter the strange ‘kind’…

There are widespread speculations someone in the neighbourhood or close to the the mother pig has been 'seeing' it.”
    Beast of Bolga, a.k.a. the Ghanaian Abomination.

Looking closely at the above image of the Ghanaian Abomination I’m struck by the resemblance between it, the Montauk Monster, and California Senator Henry Waxman, who declined to comment on this story.

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  1. I see your human-pig hybrid and raise you a monkey-faced pig ( )

  2. sure, and next someone will be spotting a unicorn

  3. Its amazing that with his last dying breath, the Montauk Monster was able to give the photographer the finger

  4. MCB: Good L--d! I dub it the Fenzghang Thing. We need to get it and breed it with the Ghanaian Abomination. Don't ask me why, we've no time for questions.

    Non: I'm not impressed by the Montauk Monster. The fact that it's so much more popular than the vastly superior Ghanaian Abomination and the Fenzghang Thing is yet another example of how the modern age is more about marketing than substance.

  5. When I found out the Montauk Monster was actually a raccoon, that made me like it more.

  6. Garland: Yes, the MM is a raccoon. A raccoon mutated by left over radiation from the top-secret Montauk Project experiments.


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