Blast of January

Bleak January of tragedy coming on the heels of tragedy. A a sheep gave birth to a human-faced lamb, then an earthquake shook Haiti, followed by the death of Donald Goerke, inventor of SpaghettiOs®. (That all those years it never occurred to Italians to combine ring shaped pasta with sauce in a can shows how lazy they are.)

With the world reeling tomorrow brings another disaster and with it more suffering: the release of Jackie Chan’s new movie The Spy Next Door.


  1. At this moment, millions of Greeks are chuckling and guffawing, olive oil running from their noses, as they tell the latest Turk sheep-shlupping jokes..

  2. You're right, though they really have no business doing so.

  3. Not one person stopped to say "could we at least take a cheek swab?"

  4. What happens in village not far from city of Izmir stays in village not far from city of Izmir.


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