Goodbye, Whitby, goodbye

The bodies of dead seals found bludgeoned, battered, and bloody on Whitby Beach.

Whitby Beach scene fit for a holiday horror show, a seafront strewn with “shards of splintered timber and glass sticking out” and “youngsters playing in the sand with wood riddled with nails”.

Naked body of a middle-aged woman washes up on Whitby beach.

Finally, some good news, as Whitby Beaches named as some of nation's best to visit.


  1. stephenesque13/4/07 8:37 PM

    'He said: “We went to see the patient but unfortunately she was deceased and our doctor pronounced her dead at the scene.'

    I love that quote from the dead woman washed up on beach story.

  2. captkidney1/5/07 8:09 AM

    Of course Whitby beaches where named some of the best. Where else do you get to see dead bodies and bludgeoned seals?


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