Burdens and boredoms

Local progressive ladies have invented a new way to amuse themselves:
On a sunny Sunday afternoon earlier this month, about a dozen Bethany Community Church members knelt by the shores of Green Lake, filling 5-gallon jugs with water and carrying them part way around the lake.

It was a way to experience, at least for a few minutes, the heavy burden borne by women and children in Uganda who sometimes walk for miles each day to get water for drinking, cooking and washing.
After the physically and psychically exhausting “few minutes” it’s off to a nearby eatery for some heavy reflection and light dining (white wine, duck salad, and pan seared scallops). If these women want a more authentic and exhilarating Uganda poverty experience they should toss out some yams and then gather them back up while some Tumbo-Mbonga type dressed in a loincloth beats them with a switch for not gathering fast enough. I sense a business opportunity.


  1. Why don't they have some of the water, too, with their duck salad? It might provide an additional Ugandan experience.

    And speaking of Africa, how about those snipers? Three indigenous persons, three shots. That's the kind of foreign policy I can get behind.

  2. Excellent idea, I will forward it to the water carriers.

    A humane pirate solution would be inviting them all here (borders are "global apartheid", after all). You could even resettle them near Greenlake mentioned above. When the weather is good there are lots of well intentioned people in canoes and paddleboats the Somali Seasocialists could temporarily detain as a means of achieving just redistribution of wealth.

  3. Albert the Great16/4/09 4:33 PM

    The Ugandan experience sounds like a great idea.

    I think a lot of Americans would find it much more attractive than the American Experience they've been enjoying for the past, say 50 years or so.

    You know, the American Experience, the one that involves getting ripped off by Jews, fighting and dying in wars for Jews, getting culturally raped by Jews, and so on and so forth.

  4. Albert, is the last name "Speer" by any chance?
    I generally disapprove of this kind of exchange on the web, and I imagine Mr. Country does as well, but your comments are just wrongheaded and inappropriate.

  5. Yeah, Albert, plus I totally prefer all that to the water-carrying thing!

  6. I still recall the stories my grandparents told of the good old days, consisting of murderous wars abroad and getting gypped at home. But at least none of the characters were Jewish!

  7. Joo! Joo!

    Although I suppose it is topical, considering we're talking about Uganda. I could definitely stand up for sending a few Jews to Uganda. We could start with the Sulzberger family, for instance.

    But this opens the question: can Jews be culturally raped by Jews? For instance, if "Punch" Sulzberger and Moshe Feiglin were both locked in a closet in Kampala, who would be on top? Who would pay? And would it be a ripoff?

    As Lytton Strachey put it, "I would endeavor to interpose myself between them." I don't know if I'd go that far, but I'd certainly like to watch. And if the balloon goes up in Yid-land and Manhigut Yehudit goes to the mattresses against Meretz, is that a Jewish war, or a double-Jewish war? Or, since you have Joo on both sides of the equation, does it cancel?

    We see how many questions remain unanswered in this bold new field of 21st-century Jew-ology. We're counting on you, Mr. Magnus, to fill us in.

  8. I go away for a while...all we need now is for the Chinese Spammer to show up.

  9. One is immediately reminded of Marie Antoinette playing at being a simple milkmaid upon the manicured lawn of Versailles.

    The rich and idle will, of course, come up with many dumb ways to amuse themselves. Come to think of it, so will the poor and idle, but the largess of the former case is usually much more amusing.


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