A blog goes inside inside the blogs on TV

I made the mistake of watching the news on television the other day. It was even worse than news in the newspaper. On CNN they had a segment called “Inside the Blogs”, where they show blogs...on TV. Seriously, some lady came out and talked about what she read on “the blogs” that day. Is there a single person seeing blogs on TV who says “Finally, somebody gets it right, blogs on TV”? What will they show next, some guy talking about what he’s been listening to on AM radio?

I asked a fellow at the bar everyone calls Sarge because he spent the latter part of the 80’s serving our great country in the military what he thought about blogs on TV. “I’ve never seen blogs on TV,” he said, “and I hope I never do. I didn’t go to hell and back in Korea so they could put blogs on TV.” Indeed, Sarge, indeed. Also none of the blogs featured were mine.


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