Evolution or bumble?

Our friends at The American Prospect, normally acutely sensitive when it comes to racial matters, recently published an article praising the author of this essay. Have the TAPunists views on race evolved (to borrow one of their own terms), or was it a bumble?

Life imitates Vile Bodies - in Estonia.

Sad news from the UK, the stupid whale which swam up the Thames in hopes of seeing the Queen has died. Oh well. De balena vero sufficit, si rex habeat caput, et regina caudam.

In sadder news from the UK, scientists there found cell phones do not cause brain cancer.

In other science news, biologists discovered 27 new species of repulsive and uninteresting creatures living in caves beneath Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, “some of them, to a single room in one cave.” In an attempt at one-upmanship American scientist Stuart Poss claims to have discovered a new species of fish that lives in a single bottle in Grahamstown, South Africa.

Cryptozoologists discovered a sculpture of the elusive beast natives called the Emela-ntouka. Native inhabitants of the Likoula swamp say the silly looking monster kills elephants by goring them with its rhinoceros-like horn, but so far cryptozoologists have been unable to locate any sculptures to verify this.

Speaking of African discoveries, it's not too late to read A memoir of 2005, found in the wonderful Nigerian newspaper The Tide:
Last year did not go down in history as one of President Olusegun Obasanjo’s best, considering the monumental loss of lives it witnessed. The two air crashes toward the end of the year brought so much grief to Nigerians. The one at Ogun incinerated all the passengers on board, thereby making the crash site the final nesting place of the victims. The Bellview airliner was said to be rickety...

...The ferocious looking soldiers deployed to Yenagoa searched innocent, law abiding citizens to their undies in the bid to discover the notorious Egbesu charms, which they never found. That should never have been.


  1. The ferocious looking soldiers have missed the mark.Everyone knows that Nicole Kidman has the notorious Egbesu charms. Search her!

  2. While searching Nicole is always a good idea, the Egbesu charms (Egbesu is a god of war) are magic amulets which render the wearer impervious to bullets.


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