Comets or unusual prodigies?

Mystery lights roam the skies above Phoenix and Florida. Are they visitors from space, or portents of disaster? Or both? A boy named Brandon Puckett saw the blazing orbs, and describes what it was like:

"I looked up and it was like these two fiery balls like flying across the sky, sort of in formation. They were like flying toward each other."

(In honor of Earth Day this entry is 100% biodegradable.)


  1. I read this and - for obvious reasons - thought of you.

    Lynchings in Congo as penis theft panic hits capital

    By the way, once we're on the subject, did you ever get that penis back?


  2. It's amazing to think that there are parts of the world where penis theft is routine.

  3. Hey, if you were a female living in the Democratic Republic of Congo you'd be spreading rumors about your penis thieving abilities too.

    Oh, and I spoke with Herr Freud the other day (in my dreams of course) and he wasn't surprised by the any of this, called it Penis Envy or something like that.


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