They want us all swimming, don't care if we drown

Tragedy struck twice yesterday in the greater Seattle area, as two men drown in separate incidents. Meanwhile not a single person yesterday died solely because of second hand smoke, in the in the greater Seattle area or anywhere else. It’s illegal in Seattle to smoke within 25 feet of doorways to prevent the slightest involuntary exposure to non-harmful second hand smoke, but it would be far more sensible to make it illegal to go within 25 feet of deadly water.


  1. I heard the surgeon general on PBS News Hour. Jim Lehrer asked him if there was a danger in walking past smokers outdoors. The SG said emphatically yes, that was going down the path that could kill you. Holy Fucking Shit. We've got every third person in this country as a obese cheetos munching diabetic ringing up billions in health care cost on the tax payer's dime, and the surgeon general's going after a whiff of smoke outdoors. I repeat, Holy Fucking Shit.

  2. And while I'm at it, why do they call him the Surgeon General. What does he do surgery on? Is it general surgery? Or is he the General of an army of surgeons. After his anti second hand smoke rant today, I'm really not sure what his job is.

  3. It's deranged. I mean there's air pollution outdoors.

    I may write about this at greater length, since I haven't seen anyone else make the connection, but the health risks from somone exposed to SHS for many hours a day over an extended period of time isn't from the SHS, it's because those in that category are inside all the time, and therefore don't get enough sun:

    "is he the General of an army of surgeons"

    Ha. They should have made Koop surgeon general for life, because his neck beard was righteous.

  4. Don't you consider the burned bodies in houses which have burned down to be victims of second hand smoking?,6,9;journal,54,110;linkingpublicationresults,1:106597,1

    I know....the point of this whole blog post was the stupidity of trying to demonize a whole category of people just because some are more susceptible to cancer than others! T'hell with cancer! Smoking must be banned simply because it causes so many fatal house fires!

  5. Candles cause a lot of housefires too, where is the crusade against them? There is no safe level of candle use. But instead of symptoms, let's address root causes: matches and lighters.

  6. If second-hand smoke is so dangerous, should not the first-hand smokers be dead?
    They are sucking the poison in directly, and they are - I assume - also sucking in a lot of second-hand smoke, too. So why are the smokers still alive?
    Steve N.


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