Monday Diary

I again attempt to view the exhibit of Roman art from the Louvre at the museum, but, as before, when I approach the museum I feel overwhelmed and turn back. It’s as if I cannot withstand the presence of so many relics from that dead empire, and so shy away. No matter how much I intend on entering, this always happens right as I’m on the verge of the museum.

UPDATE: I learn from a friend who works there the museum is closed on Mondays.

UPDATE: I called the museum and asked if they had any paintings depicting Jesus in the hat he surely must have worn. After some delay they said no, but they did say the museum has a café where I might enjoy having lunch.


  1. Wait.., this is an analogy for your day-job as Hillary's male-escort, right?

  2. My day job is writing payoff-lines for Sinbad to slam-dunk.

  3. The Whitby Museum of Dubious Photography owns a nice chrome transparency of the Messiah wearing an orange trilby.

  4. I bet they do.

    Someone should start a Whitby Museum of Dubious Photography website.


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