Only 11?

From the Scarborough Evening News comes the appalling story of a drunken man who rubbed a kebab on some poor lady’s face:
“He [Stephen Black] started shouting obscenities and said ‘If you want it [the kebab] you can have it’, before pushing it into her face and rubbing it in.”

[The victim] said she was frightened at what Black might do next and had to be taken to hospital after developing breathing difficulties.

Police arrived and arrested Black, who had been out all day and admitted drinking 11 pints of bitter before the incident...
This crime is the one of the many unpleasant consequences of mass immigration and multiculturalism. Certainly in the England of the past there were occasions when a woman had a steak and kidney pie shoved in her face, or perhaps was pelted with an order of fish and chips, but never would you have seen a woman bludgeoned with a kebab.


  1. There also appears to be in increasing tendency in North Yorkshire to overdose on parmos.;action=display;threadid=35529

  2. You mean what are parmos? A local delicacy.
    Instant cardiac infarction

  3. Good lord. Given how many fatties we have, I'm surprised that hasn't caught on in America.


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