Surf and turf

Scientists at Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research have been attempting to cross minke whales with cows; so far without success (my guess is the cows drown when the whales try to mount them). They hope to produce a hybrid animal with the beefy goodness of a cow, the blubbery delightfulness of a 10,000 pound whale, and the ability to spout milk out of its blowhole.

Unsurprisingly, this creative research project is being ridiculed by the moribund and humorless scientific establishment:
The head of Australia's scientific delegation to the IWC, Dr Nick Gales, said the research not only lacked credibility - it was downright strange.

"(The research involves) really bizarre and very strange experiments...It's totally esoteric, very strange research," he said from London.
Gales claim to fame is his two year study of the turds and vomit of sea lions, so his jealousy of scientists doing something truly groundbreaking is understandable.


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  2. Sorry, but I had posted a scurrilous, barnyard comment alleging widespread popularity for bovine bestiality in Japan, along with the requisite crude stereotyping of Japanese anatomical shortcomings when it occurred to I really want 130 million, furious little nips after me? Haven't I made enough enemies? And so I deleted it.

    But seriously, I never knew the Island of Dr. Moreau was actually Japan.


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