This week in international crime


When I heard guru Baba Ramdev had received a threatening letter I leapt to my feat and exclaimed, “This looks like the malign handiwork work of the nefarious Iqbal!” punctuating my outburst by gesturing with my pipe. Sure enough, today Zee News India is reporting: “Uttar Pradesh security forces on Thursday arrested a middle aged man, Iqbal, in connection with a threatening letter written to the popular yoga exponent Baba Ramdev.”

New Zealand

Arthur Ross Cradock, the orchard worker who told police being raped by a wombat had left him speaking in an Australian accent, was found guilty of having a sense of humor and sentenced to 75 hours of community service.

United Kingdom

Angry Chinese smashed the windows of the Natural Bed Company in Sheffield because of the store’s support of Tibet. Fearing retaliation by Tibetans the pro-China Sheffield Futon Shop has added extra security.


  1. My favorite line in that last story:

    Philippa Carrick, of the Tibet Society, added: "It is very sad to hear of this kind of behaviour."

    Phillipa, Phillipa, oh Phillipa.

  2. I don't think when Sheffield agreed to host the opening rounds of the upcoming China vs. Tibet civil war they fully understood the difficulties of staging such an event. I do think with globalization I think there will be more incidents of local turf wars held in third party venues.


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