More terrible crime news

Mundo Hispano Bilingual reports a drunken Polack was forcibly caressing a woman about the head and ears with a sausage when it inexplicably burst into flame. This startled the miscreant and he fled on a bicycle.
A police spokesman said: "Witnesses said the Polack was definitely using a sausage. Earlier reports a Parmo was involved were mistaken. We do not know how it happened..."
The victim said she was frightened at what the Polack might do next, while admitting she was also somewhat aroused. As a precautionary measure she was taken to a hospital to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.


  1. "Here, I want to make a pause. Since we began to get permissions to display Mundo Hispano Bilingual in libraries, other Hispanic newspapers decided to follow our lead. Although they believed Hispanics do not use libraries services in Tennessee."

    I would also like to make pause ..... thank you.

  2. I think your the only one who reads the links. Keep up the good work.

  3. non de guerre14/3/08 7:51 PM

    My local newspaper, in an effort to do a little hispandering to the community's fastest growing demographic, has just started publishing a spanish language edition - estrella del sol. And all the coupons inside are for some strange concoction called fried plantains. I wonder if that's Mexico's version of Parmo.

  4. You could really maim someone with a raw plantain. I've heard OG's talk about this, how back in the day things were settled with fists and kebabs, now it's guns and plantains.

  5. Some people dream of having a parmo...


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