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Brief reviews of movies I haven’t seen 2008

I saw no new movies this year. These are reviews of some of them. Frost/Nixon Blatant rip-off of my proposed movie, Merv/Gerald , a dramatic recreation of President Ford’s history-making appearance on the Merv Griffin show. Milk I’m lactose intolerant. Australia A cowboy (played by Hugh Jackman), a beauty (played by Nicole Kidman), and Chaka from Land of the Lost (played by Chaka, from Land of The Lost) battle the Japanese in this “alternate history” of New Zealand. The Spirit More headache inducing comic-bookery from the makers of the headache inducing Sin City and 300 . If you are one of those who think these movies are “visually dazzling” you might be mentally retarded. Pineapple Express The presence of my favorite actor Black Robert Downey Jr. was outweighed by the presence of my least favorite actor, the detestable Ben Stiller. Rambo IV Using a time machine, the military sends an elderly, chemically inflated Rambo back to the jungles of the Vietnam War fo

Where have you gone, Matha Mwamba? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you

Expensive, grandiose, unachievable - in essence Obama and his Obamanuts are proposing a Zambian Space Program for America. Of course Edward Mukaka Nkoloso was never allowed to spend any money, and he was joking …