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Manus Dei

A "mysterious hand" appeared at appeared at a church service in Calabar, Nigeria, and why not? 1 The people of Calabar certainly could use a hand. The mysterious hand, radiating light, "pierced through the ceiling" of the the Glorious Assemblies Ministries, astounding all who witnessed it. 2 Pastor Timmy Larry "described the hand as the hand of Jesus Christ", which matches the account of parishioner Princess Agnes Archibong, who said "the hand does not look like ordinary [i.e. black] hand". 3 Oddly, one of Calabar's many attractions is a statue of a giant hand. 1 Nigeria is roughly 30 times the size of Belgium. 2 The Glorious Assemblies Ministries is "popularly known" as the Christ Endtime Military Academy. 3 Possibly a descendant of King Archibong III .

Roughly the Size of Belgium

Conglomeration of golf-ball-sized volcanic rocks  floating off the coast of New Zealand . Largest iceberg on record . Area of Indonesian rainforest destroyed every year . Area of Brazilian rainforest destroyed every year . 7,759,663" pizza. Map of Belgium drawn on a scale of 1:1. Lesotho .

Rozan Kobar

A new type of Mussulman who lives underground was discovered. As far as we know they only occur in an area just outside the Russian city of Kazan, but I ordered my groundskeeper to dig a few exploratory holes in the yard, just in case.