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Dromaius Novaehollandiae

Doomsaying scientists  who believe we are closer to doomsday have reset the Doomsday Clock to Three Minutes till Doom. After learning from a television commercial that people are smearing themselves with grease made from melted-down flightless birds, I wonder if we haven’t passed the Point of Doom already and didn't notice.

Breaking News

Many believe the robot holocaust has begun after a giant robot savagely attacked a gathering of bus aficionados in Whitby . Tiny image of Whitbians about to be slaughtered by an 8 ft. mechanical monster courtesy the Whitby Gazette, which apparently has a limited pixel budget. In other news, gluten free fish and chips are now available in Wetwang . Imagine the above minus the gluten and there you have what your gluten free Wetwang fish and chips look like, for the most part.

Current Events

Gnostic societies and their leaders will recognize dangers to their existence when they develop, but such dangers will not be met by appropriate actions in the world of reality. They will rather be met by magic operations in the dream world, such as disapproval, moral condemnation, declarations of intentions, resolutions, appeals to the opinion of mankind, branding of enemies as aggressors, outlawing of war, propaganda for world peace and world government, etc. The intellectual and moral corruption which expresses itself in the aggregate of such magic operations may pervade a society with the weird, ghostly atmosphere of a lunatic asylum, as we experience it in our time in the Western crisis.  - Eric Voegelin,  The New Science of Politics .