I already cast my ballot absentee

I’ve finally discovered a politician I can enthusiastically support. His name is David Irons, he's running for King County Executor, and while I have no idea (or care, really) what he believes, I greatly admire the fact he once knocked down his mother (from what I’ve heard she had it coming, not that it matters). If there’s one thing we need right now in politics it’s a man who refuses to let anyone block his way, especially bossy old ladies. I hope all those eligible to do so join me in voting for David Irons.


  1. I might if he added "ide." onto the end of his name, making him "David Ironside." As it is, I'm afraid regular old David Irons doesn't interest me. Unless, of course, he has more "irons" in the fire that I don't know about.

  2. Imagine if he changed his name to Ironside, then rolled over his mother while riding in a wheelchair. If he did that I would be touting him for President.

  3. That's "King County Executive", not Executor or Executioner. Some people might have been confused. Or assumed that his spat with his mother only increased his qualifications for the post.

  4. In many great cultures, ancient and modern, what Mr. King did would just be regarded as common sense or even as an act of virtue(keeping order in his house). Why does multiculturalism always have to be an exchange of the worst things cultures have to offer?

  5. Surely the Thais have worse to offer than pad-thai?

  6. They do indeed. Their mango fried rice is bloody awful.
    (By the way, my word verification for this comment is "Czpnl" which sounds like the acronym for some sort of Polish Trade Union)


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