Why so blue panda bear?

The United States and Japan are upset with North Korea’s plans to test fire a long range missile. The missile, called the Taepodong-2, is believed to have a range of up to 9,300 miles. Little good can come from this, unless the missile lands on top of Nancy Grace.

Meanwhile Australia, Britain and the United States are mad at Japan for wanting to end the moratorium on the great sport of whaling:
With a majority vote for a declaration to return the International Whaling Commission to its original mission as a body that regulates whaling, Japan and other pro-whaling countries finally have gained the upper hand in a battle over a two-decade-old commercial whaling moratorium…The declaration approved at an IWC annual meeting in the Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis says the whaling moratorium is no longer necessary, and that whales, which consume a large number of fish, have posed a threat to food security for coastal countries. The declaration calls on the IWC to form policies and regulations based on scientific grounds.
Members of the International Whaling Commission supporting Japan include Togo, Iceland, and Mongolia (which has more whales in it than most people realize, I'm told). Fun loving countries all, I wish them the best of luck against the Coalition of the Busybodies (I try not to imagine what would happen if the Taepodong-2 landed on some whales).

In other news involving Orientals and flabby animals, new research reveals China’s giant pandas are more numerous than previously thought. I’ve long suspected these effete gluttons were pretending to be close to extinction as a ploy for sympathy, and now there's proof.

In domestic news, economist Donald J. Boudreaux thinks the sale of human kidneys should be legal, and who can disagree? When sautéed properly, human kidneys taste even better than whale meat.


  1. One time, in Iceland, I had a meal of whale steak (surprisingly lean) with puffin meat as an appetizer (it came with a mustard sauce).

    Not joking.


  2. That's teriffic. The next time your out to dinner with a bunch of vegetarians bring that up (if you don't go out to eat with vegetarians find some, so you can bring that up).

    What did the puffin taste like? Don't they eat fish all day?

  3. Where's the fun in eating a puffin? Unless they leave the pretty feathers on...


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