From Malaysia comes word of a giant eagle with human facial features that’s been terrorizing workers on a palm fruit plantation.1

According to eyewitness reports, “The eagle had the face of a man! The face was snow white just like feathers of the bird, but it had a hooked nose, deep set human eyes, a thin mouth and pointed chin.”2

Given the perplexing nature of this encounter, it was inevitable that an old man in a nearby village would be consulted. Subsequently, an old man “warned them that a person coming face to face with such a bird would normally go blind.”

Shortly thereafter the worker who sighted the man-faced eagle was struck in the eye by a “loose fruit”, and it took nearly three months before he recovered completely.3

1Notice the linked article includes an actual photograph of palm fruit trees similar to ones the man-faced eagle was observed in.

2Palm fruits are kosher.

3What did you expect?


  1. Oh Bloody Hell!
    The Whole Shield Wall is Crumbling!
    I fear that soon, I shall see Odin's face.

    Yes, there it goes, the
    Foe is over running.
    there's little time,
    And I can't find my mace.

    A ray of hope, my weary brain rejoices
    For up there dawns the salvation of my hide!
    Fall on my face
    Pretend the foe has slain me
    Then shiv him in the back
    And then run
    Run like the wind!

    Oh little knive, my friend in need
    oh oh oh knive, my friend indeed.

    ---from a Vikings Christmas in Wales by Strigor Von Talmutz

    Also, on the same album, enjoy such great hits as "Deck the Hall with parts of Molly", and "My Grandfather's Axe".
    It went "swish" when it moved
    and "thwock" when it stopped
    And it never DID stand still
    I never knew just why it was
    But could it ever kill!

    Yeah, us Vikings have always liked this time of year. I remember growing up and saying to by buddy Sven..."Hey Sven, didja get any presents". "Yup", he would answer" and he would show off his rings. Some with the fingers still on them! Ah those were the days. The town lit up with the bright lights of burning roofs...The yule logs crashing through the church doors. Brings tears to this old Viking's eyes!

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

  2. The Vikings really had it all figured out, didn't they? Fun parties, boating, weekend jaunts to European vacation hotspots...

    Merry Christmas to you, too.


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