Terrifying true tales of terror

He raised alarm
"Eye witness account informed our reporter that three women had approached the man at Nwaja round-about opposite the Tantalizers restaurant Trans-Amadi, Port Harcourt, and asked him to assist them with the sum of N100 as they have run short transport fare.
According to the account, the man who told them that he had no money later started feeling a sensation inside his body.

The man who later spoke to The Weekend Tide under condition of anonymity said, “as soon as I told them that I had no money, I discovered that my penis was disappearing, so I raised alarm."
-Irate crowd strips woman naked, a terrifying true tale of terror from The Tide News Online.

Reptoid Musulman

"Villagers in a suburb of Katerini, a small city at the foot of Mount Olympus in northern Greece, claim to have seen a brown Reptoid prowling around their homes…Residents of the Katerini area are wondering if the Reptoid is a scout for an alien force. Or if he is perhaps an escaped prisoner or slave from the large alien underground base on Mount Olympus..."The clothes that the creature was wearing were similar to what Arabic people wear," i.e. a burnoose like in Algeria or a galabaa like in Iraq."
Small reptoid spotted in Northern Greece, a terrifying true tale of terror from UFOINFO.

Pissing midgets from space

"Pichaca (Peru). A farm woman saw an object land, and six dwarfs, 80 cm tall, emerged from it. They wore very shiny white clothes and "walked like ducks." She hid during the observation, and noted that they spoke in a language she could not understand. After their departure, a liquid resembling vinegar was found on the ground."
Case 703 (Sep. 20, 1965), a terrifying true tale of terror from the Magonia Database.

Mind the helm

"A merchant sailor in the coastal trade had shipped with his father since youth. After his father's retirement, he was on watch in a ship off the Humber River when his father came to him repeatedly over a period of several hours to remind him to mind the helm. His father spoke through this image, but the young sailor was shaken by it and did not respond; he had another crewmate take finish his watch; none of the other crewmen saw or heard the apparition. The sailor later learned that his father had died at home during that watch. Gurney concedes that the percipient was uneducated and that the duration of the apparition (several hours) suggests either exaggeration or insanity."
Case 300, a terrifying true tale of terror from Phantasms of the Living.


  1. that was like the gayest storie in the world 6 dwarfs haha lol NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

  2. These are Terrifying True Tales of Terror? More like: Mildly Mysterious Misunderstandings. Much stranger and more terrifying incidents happen daily in Rochester, New York. And yet bravely we go on!

  3. Not according to the Rochester Chamber of Commerce.

    I imagine the food served at the Tantalizers restaurant Trans-Amadi in Port Harcourt is genuinely scary.


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