Tests verify my jest

One group that does not value perceived losses differently than gains are individuals with autism, a disorder characterized by problems with social interaction. When tested, autistics often demonstrate strict logic when balancing gains and losses, but this seeming rationality may itself denote abnormal behavior. "Adhering to logical, rational principles of ideal economic choice may be biologically unnatural,"
- Colin F. Camerer, Professor of Behavioral Finance and Economics, Caltech (via Arnold Kling).
Libertarian political ideology is premised on the notion everyone adheres to logical, rational principles of ideal economic choice. Thus, libertarianism is applied autism. But then you knew that.


  1. I often quote that brilliant observation of yours to others. I hope you don't mind; I always credit you. The others don't know who you are, but I insist.

  2. Why thank you.

    I need to come up with some new brilliant observations, or maybe get more people to share my dream of a minstrelsy revival.

  3. I also share your dream of a minstrelsy revival, but that I don't tell anyone.

  4. Rather, economics is applied autism (though even that not really). Sometimes libertarians employ economic arguments in their battles with socialists, but that is hardly the one true basis of libertarianism. Conservatives also employ economic arguments in their battles with socialists.


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