The Magnalities of Nature

Man’s moral decadence is often spoken of, while Nature’s degeneracy gets a free pass. Consider the Nepenthes rajah. This disgusting vegetable has assumed the shape of a toilet to get unwitting shrews to crap into its “huge orifice”. At the moment this leafy coprophile can only be found in the wilds of Borneo, which is some consolation.

An N. rajah plant, left, and a toilet.              


  1. Where did you come up with the out-of-doors purple w. c.? or is it photoshopped?

  2. I received it in the mail (envelope postmarked Whitby, UK, no return address). A warning, a threat, a mistake? I’m embroiled in so many conspiracies it’s impossible to tell.

  3. T'was a billet doux and I was heartbroken not to receive a response.


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