When Rambling

Technology having made it unnecessary no one stops me on the street to ask for directions anymore, except that madwoman seeking the secret entrance to Agartha.


  1. She obviously is mad: everybody knows that a portal can be found at the top of their local volcano, or by flushing one's self down that toilet look-a-like pink plant thing

  2. Ha, in the plant, that would be a good place to hide it.

    Lately when needing a disguise I put on a turban and claim to be a Hindoo named Nepenthes Rajah.

  3. That's the problem with the generation of today - no-one is willing to do the hard work. If you want to get to Agartha you have to go through the Poles to get into the Hollow Earth. Anything less is for pikers.

  4. I almost put in a link for Agartha then I remembered who my readers are.

  5. I once asked a madwoman where the secret entrance to Agartha is, and she quite reasonably responded that if the Agarthans wanted my company they wouldn't have hidden the entrance from me. She then proceeded to put a fertility curse on my ancestors.

  6. The secret of Agartha is already out:


  7. Matt, perhaps that wasn't a madwoman?

    Mr Anon: See also.


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