Summer Whitby Report

Photograph of anomalous big cat roaming field.
The Black Beast of the Bay (an anomalous big cat) was spotted prowling Whitby again this summer. The accursed town was also attacked by a raft of poisonous snakes, and at the moment the air in Whitby is obscured by massive swarms of insects. The bugs have “caused havoc”, are “known to spread diseases”, and are capable of “infesting the softest parts”. Ominously, “Experts predict the invasion will…soon attract…predators.”

Meanwhile, in Driffield, absolutely nothing continues to happen.


  1. "...another table of women confirmed they too had seen a mysterious big cat as it was getting dark at around 10pm..."

    Imagine the amazing things women in the U.S. would spot if it got dark that late here.

  2. Beware the gloaming in Whitby. The Sandsend Blob was sighted at 10:30 pm.


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