Plans Unveiled

Exciting developments on the urban planning front, happening in Sudan, of all places:
The authorities in southern Sudan have unveiled a $10bn (£6.4bn) plan to rebuild the region's cities in the shapes of animals and fruit.

Elaborate blueprints for the new cities have already been drawn up.

The regional capital, Juba, will be relocated and designed in the shape of a rhinoceros. Wau, the capital of Western Bahr el-Ghazal state, is to be a somewhat unwieldy giraffe…

In Juba, the office of the regional president is situated where the rhinoceros's eye should be.

In Wau, the sewage treatment plant is appropriately placed under the giraffe's tail.

There is talk that the town of Yambio will be shaped like a pineapple.
The creativity and ambitiousness of these designs could wake up our urban planners to possibilities besides light rail trains and sterile modernist blight. Imagine an American city in the shape of Mickey Mouse, or a hamburger. It’s about as likely as the Sudanese getting the $10 billion they need to actually build something.


  1. While it's nice to see a new housing development shaped like a trilobite, the Sudanese intend to reconfigure entire cities.

  2. Are you an Eskimo?

  3. Hello Lloyd! I seriously doubt I'm an Eskimo. I'm not short and squat. It's true I enjoy fish, but only up to a point. Though I approve of hunting whales for sport, I think eating whale blubber is disgusting. I do, however, admire the ingeneous, graceful, functionalism of the igloo. And I like the word igloo.

  4. I knew it!

  5. As you may know, the town of Whitby was built in the shape of a gigantic whitby (a variety of carnivorous Transylvanian hedgehog)

  6. Yes, you certainly wouldn't want to be confronted by an outline like that rising from behind the bushes on a dark night, unless you were one brave Eskimo'fo.

  7. Off topic...Juan McAmnesty wins the Repugnantcan primary in Arizona. It's time to revive the Craptocracy...

  8. Anon: Depressing, isn't it? The voters of Arizona suffer from the political equivalent of battered wife syndrome.

  9. Way behind indeed. The Inca imperial capital of Cusco was built in the shape of a puma over 500 years ago.

  10. Any Inca cities shaped like fruit?


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