Blazes Baffle Botswana

Spiritual fires like the ones that bedeviled Malaysia are now breaking out in Botswana:
A family of eleven is begging for help after a series of mysterious fires destroyed their property and left them homeless. 
The latest in a trilogy of devastating blazes occurred this week when a remaining storeroom and the police tent in which they had been sheltering also went up in flames. 
The unexplained fires that have been tormenting the family in the Southern District village of Goodhope since January, has baffled police investigating the incidents... 
As suspicions abound that the fires were the cause of a demonic curse, a Pentecostal church leader was expected to visit the family on a spiritual intervention mission.
The Malaysian spiritual fires, you may recall, were impervious to the prayer recitations of ten ulamas. Given the trajectory of the phenomenon, FEMA should consider setting up spiritual fire monitoring stations on the East Coast, as a precautionary measure.


  1. Were the Whitby chavs accounted for on the evening in question?

  2. Whitby has a suspicious lack of paranormal conflagrations. I suspect a cover up.


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