Synchromystic Sorcery or Coincidence

Saturday, June 4th:
Wild winds lifted three inflatable bounce houses - with kids inside - into the air, and then tumbling end-over-end on a Long Island soccer field.

The bizarre incident at the Oceanside United Soccer Club event sent 13 people, including several children, to area hospitals..."It was the craziest thing you ever saw," [said] one father...
Monday, May 30th:
Three children have been hurt after a bouncy castle thought to have been caught by a gust of wind left the floor and became wrapped around a telegraph pole.

Horrified onlookers who were attending a double christening celebration at the White House pub in Whitby yesterday screamed as the youngsters fell off the inflatable suffering multiple broken bones...the children are said to be in a stable condition.


  1. I can't decide. I'm afraid it may be a trick question.

  2. Please note this weekend's events in Auburn, New York, Whitby's Sister City of the paranormal. I'll be there, at least in spirit.

  3. From that link:

    "She and other investigators will simply be demonstrating equipment like the “talkback box,” which converts electromagnetic fields and other forms of energy into vocalizations.

    “It’s kind of a robot thing, you can’t tell if it’s male or female,” Reynolds said.

    Sounds like fun.

  4. I wouldn't know. Contrary to my prior post, both my ectoplasm and my corporeal self went sailing on Lake Skaneatles that day, instead of going to Auburn. I would have liked to meet the talkback box, though. A robot thing that converts energy into vocalizations...hmmm, sounds like my wife would have gotten along swimmingly with it.

  5. Hey, man, what's going on? Come back!!!

  6. Wilson! Wiilsson!

  7. The hell with this waiting, Mr. Country. I'm taking over.
    My adverse possession starts now.
    It's only fair.


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