Bizarre Space Triangle

An immense orange UFO witnesses describe as “Dorito shaped” returned to the skies over Dudley.1 It flew around for a while, then left.2

I recall writing about the Dudley Dorito’s earlier appearances, but find no mention of it in the archives.3 I also remember seeing an advertisement for the Chia® Hitler in the back of a magazine, sometime in the early 90’s, but I can’t locate any evidence such a product ever existed, which complicates my Christmas shopping.

1Apparently the seductive contours of junk food are crowding basic shapes out of the popular mind.

2The timing is slightly suspicious.

3The inventor of Doritos, Arch West, died in September. He was 97.


  1. It's never too late for Christmas shopping. Frantically searching the Internets for "Chia Hitler," I discover a disturbing fact: Hitler is only a nose behind Jesus, with 148 million hits in the Google index as opposed to 154.

    Even more disturbing is that many of these Jesuses (Jesi?) must be spurious, since so many Mexicans are named "Jesus" - as was one of the regular cafeteria servers at an old employer of mine. I often had great difficulty in restraining myself from a reflexive "Thank you, Jesus," as I received my cube of preheated institutional lasagna. Alas, the body of Christ was not in the building.

    Is Hitler more important to us than Jesus? Fortunately, the Beatles are still well ahead with 240 million - to say nothing of B.H. Obama, who is five times as important as either Jesus or Hitler. These things matter, you know.

  2. I did not see a Carlyle link coming. Reading him makes me contemplate using more exclamation points.

    I'm making arrangements to manufacture bootleg Chia Hitlers. Let me know if you want to invest.


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