Olympics Coverage

China beat Serbia in women’s volleyball, but what matters is Serbia covered. Also all that crap about giving it your all, and the spirit of the games.

A self consciousness about farting in front large audiences prevented me from going into weightlifting. Admittedly there were some other reasons, most involving my arms, but I attribute it to that one.

Fencing draws you in because sword fighting sounds entertaining, and it probably is, but two people poking each other with a bendy wire is not.

There is women’s rhythmic gymnastics but no men’s rhythmic gymnastics, so it‘s fair to say sex discrimination prevented me from going into rhythmic gymnastics. I suppose if there were men’s rhythmic gymnastics my self consciousness about farting in front of large audiences might come into play as well, but until then I will blame discrimination.

There too many kinds of swimming but not enough kinds of running.

I suspect table tennis participants are looked down upon because their sport is a scaled down version of another sport.

Idea for new Olympic sport: miniature horse dressage.

My favorite sport involving clothed women is team handball, even though I don’t know what the rules are, what the strategy is, or why I bet all that money on Montenegro.

Some surprising results in the canoe slalom so far, none more surprising than the existence of canoe slalom.

Zero interest in canoe slaloming prevented me from going into canoe slalom.

The 1900 Olympics had delivery van racing. Bring that back.


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  2. Wow - they are desperate for coverage, aren't they.

  3. As far as Olympic sports go, I'm really only intrigued by that Winter game where they fire a rifle while downhill skiing. It requires the most practical skill set of all the games. I propose that we bring back delivery van racing, only require the driver to be able to fire a sniper rifle at targets (shaped like annoying pedestrians)while speeding through the course.

    1. That's a good idea. It's a fact the anti-gun crowd hates to admit that most Olympic sports would be more interesting combined with shooting. Need I mention canoe slalom?

  4. Look at that horse's legs! Very reminiscent of the water buffalo compressed by President Taft (see "Circa 1904").

    New sports: women's sychronized diving and target shooting.

    1. Such a sad expression on its face, and who can blame it.

  5. What they are missing is Live Pigeon Shooting.


    Truly a sport for gentlemen.


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