Roughly the Size of Belgium

Conglomeration of golf-ball-sized volcanic rocks floating off the coast of New Zealand.

Largest iceberg on record.

Area of Indonesian rainforest destroyed every year.

Area of Brazilian rainforest destroyed every year.

7,759,663" pizza.

Map of Belgium drawn on a scale of 1:1.


  1. Of course, the "Conglomeration of Golf-Ball-Sized Volcanic Rocks Floating off the Coast of New Zealand" has now sought to lead a continent-sized union of floating volcanic rock conglomerations so that it may assert, via this vast supranational confederation, a level of global power and influence it could never achieve as merely a Belgian-sized floating volcanic rock conglomeration.

    1. An obvious ally of the rocks is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which most view as being roughly the size of Texas, but for me is roughly the size Zambia.


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