What the World Needs Now

As a disinterested observer of the papal election, I’m struck by demands for a “more modern” pope. Isn't there enough modernity in the world? Look around, it’s everywhere. A man can’t take two steps in his talking sneakers without stepping in it. If anything what’s needed is more antiquity. At the very least for novelty‘s sake, but also because it would be an improvement in so many areas. The advice given by a sacred bull, for example, would surely be better than the bull dung supplied by those the modern world calls experts.


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    1. I've decided to practically apply my anti-modern sentiments, and set up an augury based hedge fund. I'll let you know when it's up and running in case you want to invest.

    2. Sounds good. The recent legalization of marijuana in some of our Western states (and perhaps New York, also, if the recently proposed Assembly bill becomes law) will help give your corporate seer a good supply of intoxicating vapor.
      I can't wait to hear her (his?) prognostications on municipals vs. those genuine Gold Clad coins produced by the Franklin Mint.


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