Sad News From All Over

Sad news from Nigeria, the Tide reports reggae artists there are “now in limbo”, thanks to the surging popularity of other musical forms, many of which are even worse than reggae.  Also sad is how the Tide, once a great newspaper with a commitment to truth, has gotten rid of all of its interesting columnists and is now little more than an African version of Vox media, minus Vox’s smug pretensions and tedious liberal bias.

Sad news from Driffield: the Driffield bus depot closes May 31st, annihilating my plans to finally take that bus trip to Driffield. I think there is a carpe diem type  lesson here, either that or try harder to come up with holiday ideas that aren't total shit.

Sad news from Harare, where tobacco farmer Brighton Magutakuona had “his privates burnt” by a goblin. The saddest part is the goblin was his own, one he inherited from his grandparents.


  1. I got 99 problems but a Goblin ain't one.

  2. "(the staff) have all rallied round in a very positive way and we have even had a request for the last day of operation at the depot to be marked in some special way" ... might I suggest a Magical Mystery Bus Tour of Driffield? The mystery would be figuring where and when they can board and disembark from the bus since there is no bus depot. Pretty neat idea, I think.


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