Ebola Solutions II

Send Ebola patients to the aspiring Gulag of Winchester, Massachusetts:
Popping by the store for a pack of smokes may soon be a thing of the past in a central Massachusetts town, which is mulling an outright ban on the sale of all tobacco products within city limits. If approved, it would be the first such ban in the US.
Board of Health officials in Winchester, Massachusetts, a small town of 7,700, are set to hold a public hearing to discuss the proposed tobacco ban with townspeople on Wednesday, AP reports.
Town health agent Elizabeth Swedberg, a proponent of the ban, believes it is a reasonable response to a frustrating and persistent problem. 
It’s not as if they could refuse: unlike smoking, Ebola is one’s own private business. Why does a town of 7,700 people have its own "health agent"? If any Winchesterites are reading this, I urge you to throw eggs and small dead animals at Elizabeth Swedberg's house until she resigns in shame


  1. So. It will be perfectly legal to buy an ounce of Rasta Gold marijuana from a "dispensary," but illegal to buy a packet of Winston Ultra Lights from the corner store. The world turned upside down. Yet again.

    1. It's ridiculous, isn't it. On a positive note, the public hearing went better than I expected.


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