Progress in the UK

The UK Green party wants to give rodents human rights. If the Greenies’ plan is enacted, then cats who kill mice would be charged with murder, creating a market for feline-defense lawyers, which would benefit the economy (if one believes the logic of  Prof. Paul Kroogman et al.). Surely at some point Glasgow U. would rename a building after Ratty the Water Rat. I imagine many other ridiculous things happening as well, they always do.


  1. Of course, albino rats will not be included in this new empowerment of the plague-carrying pests - they're just too damn white!

  2. Looks on the bright side, if they extend it to our cold-blooded friends, Mr. Toad will finally get his driver's license.

    1. They want to impose the same sentence for kidnapping whales one receives for kidnapping persons. At times I feel like there is a coordinated, global war on all my hobbies.


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