There’s been minimal content here lately as I’ve been focusing on doing the world’s business. Herakleitos once said “Even sleeping men are doing the world’s business and helping it along.” Indeed. Herakleitos also said “The sun is one foot wide”. He was a little off with that one.

Speaking of the sun, if the sum of my heart’s ambition were a single, foil-wrapped pat of butter (and it is), the sun, whatever his width, has succeeded in melting it. So don’t expect me to make pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. By ‘make pancakes’ I mean ‘do anything useful’. Which includes making actual pancakes.

Another thing Herakleitos said was “My favorite size for a pancake is one foot wide”. Now that I think about it it might have been some fat guy sitting behind me on the bus who said that. I can’t remember. But either him or Herakleitos.

Despite my lethargy, I’m cheered (and surprised) by the following news:

1) The media is finally noticing the immigration problem.

2) The box office for summer movies is down. Summer television ratings are at an all time low. I would like to believe this is because the public has finally realized that most movies and television shows made today are shit.

3) Swaziland has overturned an asinine and draconian law prohibiting sex with unmarried teenage girls.


  1. Ahhhh, Steve Sailor. Always a breath of fresh air in a cat food factory.

    I had heard that in the recent earthquake that killed 2 million Mexicans that Jean Cretien of Canada offered several trainloads of lumber, Francois Mitterand of France offered 4 boat loads of wine, and George Bush of the United States offered two million replacement Mexicans.

  2. That's funny. Though you might want to update the Jean Cretien part. Who's your new guy again, Paul something?

  3. Yah, "something" is right....
    A word of explanation...Canada has two main rival parties, the Liberal and the Conservative parties, plus several smaller parties which tend to have great influence depending on how they ally themselves. The Liberal Party pretty much controls the monied East, and the West is pretty much Conservative. Alberta, the province where the Calgary stampede is held, is Conservative through and through. Paul Martin wrested control from Jean Cretien with vicious electioneering in December of 2003.

    Paul Martin went to the Calgary Stampede and decided to dress the part of a k'boy. So he puts on his k'boy ten gallon hat, his k'boy tight jeans, his k'boy fancy silk shirt with the fancy fringes all acrost the back, his nice K'boy snakeskin (appropriate that!) boots, and then to top it all off, he puts on his Liberal Party of Canada tie. He walks into a local bar, and there are a whole bunch of k'boys all bellied up to the bar, and Paul Martin squeezes in between them and orders a pink gin and tonic. All the k'boys look at him with disbelief, and a certain amount of hostility, especially as they seem to be eyeing that red liberal tie like a bull eyes a red cape! In desperation, Paul blurts out "Jean Cretien is a Horses' Ass!
    total silence falls over the room. Then one great big K'boy mozies on over and drops Paul Martin with a solid left hook. Paul looks up at the crowd from his spot in the mud, the blood and the beer and says "I didn't know this was Cretien country!"

    Its not, you Liberal asshole, this is Horse country!

  4. I've never been to Calgary (or any part of Canada other than Vancouver). I need to get up there.

    Speaking of Pink Gin...

  5. You would find Canada to be too tame. You go expecting igloos and hunting lodges, and you get upstate New York without the band stands. The cities have been conquered by WalMart and Taco Bell more thoroughly than Rome ever conquered Gaul! The hunting lodges were all bought out by KOA. Canadians view politics like sex...something you do in a back room and wash your hands afterwards
    Canucks tend to view folks who proclaims their politics from the rooftops with much the same amused tolerance as they view same sex marriage or marijuana use in the streets.

  6. Canadians also are well aware that they are right beside a HUGE powerhouse of energy, excitement, talent and potential trouble and consider it to be like sleeping beside an elephant...when the elephant rolls over, you get out of the way! This results in a fair amount of (hopefully) good natured rivalry and a lot of whining and complaining. Americans may be forgiven if they feel that after a trip to Canada they find that the Canadian National Sport seems to be "Bitchin about Yanks".
    Your biggest difficulty will be finding a place to light up a smoke!


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