Hell for those at the receiving end

I often wonder if the city of Seattle could be any more boring. It turns out the answer is yes:
Seattle Considers Lap Dance Ban

...the City Council is planning to vote Monday on some of the strictest adult-entertainment regulations of any big city in the country.

No lap dances. No placing dollar bills in a dancer's G-string...

Under these rules, dancers would have to stay 4 feet away from customers, private rooms would be barred, customers couldn't give money directly to entertainers, and the minimum lighting would be increased - think parking-garage brightness.
If Jesus can have his feet washed by a whore, why is it wrong for an ordinary man to have his lap danced upon by a stripper? Obviously it isn’t.

Sadly, arguments based on the Scriptures carry no weight with the God-hating Leftist types that run Seattle. That these regulations will force many girls, most of whom are capable of little else, into ‘other work’, is of no concern to these people. The zealots of the Seattle City Council surely know what this ‘other work’ will be, and do not care, for they consider themselves superior to the dancers, and therefore have no pity for them. In this they are much like Simon the Pharisee.

I'm reminded of the something Auberon Waugh once said:

"The problem with democracy is that it is not democracy at all but a zealotocracy or rule by enthusiasts. This is a polite way of saying that as many bossy people as possible get a chance to throw their weight around. It may be lovely for bossy people who like deciding how the rest of us should live, but it is hell for those at the receiving end."


  1. I'm not familiar with Auberon(any relation to Evelyn?)Waugh, but he's right on the money. I spent many years as a lawyer in local government, and the range of bizarre legislative schemes people come up with to limit their neighbor's freedom is absolutely amazing. One serious proposal was a law limiting the permissible height of grass on lawns...another required you to put your garbage cans in your backyard within a certain number of hours after pickup (harvest?). In New York, bars cannot allow smoking, which means ...the barflies have to go outside to light up, where they raise hell and disturb the neighbors.

  2. Auberon was Evelyn's son, and was quite a funny guy in his own right.

    In Washington not only do they want to ban smoking in bars, but ban from withing 25 feet of the entrance of any public building.


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