We all wasted our chance with her

I fear Whitby may soon collapse into anarchy. Each day seems to bring some new example of the once lovely town’s decline. Now Whitby Today reports attacks on ambulance staff are routine, and, shockingly:
It has been revealed that one member of NHS staff was attacked every seven minutes on average by drink and drug-fuelled patients last year.
Assuming the poor staffer works a 10 hour shift, this means he or she was attacked on average 86 times each workday. I’m amazed the staffer hasn’t quit, though I have to wonder if this person isn’t provoking the patients in some way.

For provocateurs and victims a nice way to relax after a long day of being attacked is by enjoying live rock music performed by under 18’s. Sadly, in Whitby this rarely is an option, urban decay has left young musicians desperate for venues they can perform in:
A group of four Whitby musicians are aiming to follow in the footsteps of the Arctic Monkeys – if they can find somewhere to play that is.

Wasting Charlie are a four-piece guitar band made up of 14-year-old students from Whitby Community College.

They have just been booked as a support act for the upcoming West Cliff Rocks Concert at Whitby Rifle Club in the hope in the hope it will encourage more promoters to give them the chance to play…

Wasting Charlie consist of Tom Pyman on drums, Richard Truman on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Joe Smithson on lead guitar and vocals and Guy Taylor on bass and backing vocals.

“The name comes from a girl we all know and liked at different times,” said Joe, “but we all wasted our chance with her so that’s how we got our name.”

And that’s how stories usually end in Whitby.


  1. It sounds as if the ambulance staffer with his apparent ability to fight off 86 attacks per day must be a master of Ecky-Thump.

  2. I've never heard of that show before, but this is amazing:

    "The episode is infamous for the documented example of a man laughing himself to death. 50 year old Alex Mitchell could not stop laughing for a continuous 25 minute period - almost the entire length of the show - and suffered a fatal heart attack as a result of the strain placed on his heart".

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  4. My apologies for the esoteric Goodies reference.

    Nearly every child growing up in Australia during the Eighties would watch three shows on the ABC - The Goodies, Doctor Who and Monkey.

    If one day, you do see the Goodies - you may wish to have an ambulance service officer on hand to avoid a possible repetition of Alex Mitchel's feat.


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