Curiousier curious encounters (an update)

In 1872, a flying haystack was observed in Banbury, England. Another flying haystack was seen over Harponville, France in 1954 (see Curiouser curious encounters, a selection (Part I) for details). Now, thanks to the new UFOCrawler search engine, I found another, relatively recent (1998) sighting of a flying haystack, arguably the most asinine shape of unidentified flying object ever to bother mankind:
"It was an object thats was floating in the distance but not too far. from the place we were standing it looked like a haystack but it must have been big for the size it looked to us. I am not sure about the date but it was around 1997 - 1998. I never heard anything about it, but there was no chance it was a plane because of the odd cube shape and yello color. we watched it untill it floated down below the trees."[NUFORC archives]

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