This is not a Whitby post

Gildercliffe hoodlums are stealing vans then using them to launch attacks on Whitby:
Reckless Ben Stanley, 18, of Gildercliffe, Scarborough, became intoxicated at a friend’s birthday bash before setting off to steal a Vauxhall van.

Despite being more than twice over the limit, Stanley – who does not have a full driving licence - then embarked on a terrifying drive all the way to Whitby, regardless of the dangers to other drivers and residents.

He smashed into two parked cars and a wall in the Bog Hall area of the town.
Not to condone Reckless Ben Stanley’s senseless mayhem, to a certain degree Whitby has it coming.

In other crime news, a three-ton meteorite has been stolen from UFO researcher Yury Lavbin’s compound in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.

Perhaps the meteorite is a large enough object that remote viewers could locate it? They’ve certainly had no luck identifying the small curio which sits on the left corner of the shelf above my desk, despite the offer of a $1 million prize for doing so.


  1. I'm pretty sure "a terrifying drive all the way to Whitby" is a tautology.

    Incidentally I'm pretty sure Whitby was the birthplace of the well-known explorer and discoverer of the Cook Islands, Captain Cook. Your chronicles have put his wanderlust in context.

  2. You're right. I didn't know that about Cook. The more you know about Whitby the more tragic her decline becomes. I'm sure Whitby was a wonderful place before the occultists took it over.


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