Vacationing in the Aurora Islands...

...posting should resume next week.


  1. Any difficulties shipping the piano?

  2. I hope not. How is it you know I always bring a piano when I travel, even though I don't play it or any other musical instrument?

  3. Everybody knows you always take a piano with you when you travel. Especially, I would think, to such a place as the Aurora Islands--for god's sake!

  4. Everybody knows?!? I need to start reading my own press clippings. Or at least hire someone to read my press clippings for me.

    The only reason I bring it is in case I need to drop something incongrous on someone's head.

  5. Everyone also knows that the Aurora Islands is a metaphor, and that the trip you are taking is, shall we say, pure speculation. The most difficult country of all . . .


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