Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from everyone at ADC.

Posting resumes in January, until then celebrate the season by re-rediscovering the rediscovered manuscript.


  1. why is that photo flipped upon its horizontal axis? Perhaps, from now on, the reversed horizontal axis should be known as the "Whitby Axis"?

  2. I forgot the r in american in the above comment. feudian slip or what!

  3. Why not? In fact, I think any sort of inversion might be so described, as Whitby is a hub of inversion.

    Some claim the real Whitby Axis is something else (though not to my taste, it wouldn't be Christmas without fruitcake):

    "Many observers have pointed out that a mass of Ley lines all converge at Whitby. Ley lines are associated with carrying all kinds of psychic energy"

    Actually that image is reversed because it's a negative.

  4. Merry Christmas Van C.


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