De mortuis ranae nil nisi bonum

The fossil of a giant, prehistoric frog that looked like a “slightly squashed beach-ball” was discovered in Madagascar, and researchers immediately began slandering its reputation, naming it Beezelbufo ('frog from hell’), and calling it “bad”, “mean”, and a “devil”. Yet there’s zero evidence one way or the other regarding the ancient amphibian’s manners or philanthropic pursuits. Whatever happened to scientific ethics?

The Beezelbufo, which weighed over 10lbs and dined on baby dinosaurs, is thought to have gone extinct more than 65 million years ago, though some scientists believe it may have evolved into an anatomically similar toad living today known as the Jpod. This photo captured a Jpod moments before stuffing a human baby into its maw.


  1. Upon examining that photo of the Jpod creature I have to ask, forget about public smoking, Why the Hell isn't having a back that hairy in public illegal!? Its got to be more dangerous to second-hand parties. I mean, get a look at that shriek of horror on the poor kid's face. She's obviously terrified that its contagious.

  2. That picture wasn't taken in public, I believe it was taken in the wild.

  3. Think that should be 'de mortuis ranis', shouldn't it?

  4. That very well could be. I'm completely ignorant of the Latin language, as well as too lazy to ask someone who knows the correct phrasing before using it in a headline. Of course Beezelbufo is Greek and Latin squashed together...


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