Aphorisms found in an 18th Century fencing manual

“In offending to be defended, and in defending to be in an immediate Condition to offend.”

“There is the Foreseen, and the Unforeseen; the Foreseen is the Effect of the Understanding and of the Will, and the Unforeseen is the Effect of the Discernment of the Eye, and of Custom.”

“To be in Possession of what you know, you must be in Possession of yourself.”

“To know what you risque, you must know what you are worth.”

“Endeavour both to discover the Enemy's Design, and to conceal your own.”

“The Beauty of an Assault appears in the Execution of the Design.”

“Be always cautious, Time lost cannot be regained.”
 - from The Art of Fencing; or the Use of the Small-sword, by Monsieur L'Abbat, Master of the Art of Fencing at the Academy of Toulouse. Translated by Andrew Mahon, Professor of the small sword, Dublin.


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