He be an honest angler

Every 5th of July my grandfather and I put on our finest suits and go fishing in the pond in the woods in back of his house.

I don’t know why we do this; it has been the tradition between grandfathers and grandsons in our family for as long as anyone can remember.

The pond is odd. No one knows how it was formed. It has a diameter of 8 feet and is, as far as those who have examined it can tell, precisely circular in circumference. An attempt to determine its depth with a drop line was abandoned at 400 feet. The sides of the pond are like dark green glass. Local Indians and wildlife avoid it.

This year I didn’t catch anything, but Grandfather sure reeled in a big one:


  1. Apparently you and your family have short memories. That is NOT a fish, but a hydro-powered vacuum cleaner. And that is not a pond, either. But, traditions are traditions.

  2. You're sort of right about my families memories. Ask my grandfather where he came from and he will tell you his memories are hazy. Literally - that's all he can remember, living in someplace with lots of haze.


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