Over and done

Weak drinks and manic smiles at a local party celebrating the greatest event in human history. A congressman takes the stage to announce President Obongo will “implement a green energy revolution” on his first day in office, but he doesn’t say how. Maybe the secret of Barry’s “lost” Columbia years is he was inventing cold fusion in his apartment?

A party apparatchik follows. He says the election means, “All of us have to give up our cynicism,” and I think I might punch him in the face. I’ve been meticulously cultivating my cynicism for years. It’s like an exquisite bonsai tree, and I’m not throwing it away now, when it’s needed most.

Now stop. Barry time! Everyone turns to the flat screens and no one says a word while BO speechifies - except for your correspondent, who desperately needs another drink. “Can we get a proper pour this time?” One sip reveals that no, no we can’t.


  1. "A party apparatchik follows. He says the election means, “All of us have to give up our cynicism,” and I think I might punch him in the face."

    Just think about how cynical it is for a party apparatchik to say something like that and you should feel better.

  2. Obongo! A long time ago some of us on Usenet discovered that the president of Gabon is named Omar Bongo. "Laugh with President Bongo," we used to say. And I note that President Bongo is still around - which is more than I can say for Usenet. Who laughs last laughs best, apparently.

    So let's laugh with President Obongo. Because shouldn't the Obongo administration be for ADC what Katrina was for the Weather Channel? I hope you've already received your White House press pass. And with a little venture capital, perhaps ADC-TV is just around the corner?

  3. Well of course He can, the Maitreya can accomplish anything.

  4. Garland: I do look forward to watching other people transform themselves.

    MM: Will the Obongo administration be a target rich environment? Yes. Will I be constantly mocking it? I don't know. I have inclinations to turn my attention elsewhere. We will see what happens next year.

    I'd never heard of Omar Bongo. I may start using that as alias. Who was the African president who had the scottish father? I was convinced I wrote some entries about him, but I seem to have imagined the whole thing.

  5. MCB: That's amazing. On the official Maitreya website I found a photograph of the Maitreya from a 1988 appearance in Kenya. Look familiar?

  6. Reminds me of this Mark Steyn segment (at about 3:00). Content warning: Glenn Beck.


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