New Titles at the Iowa Masonic Library

The Cradle of God, by Powys

The Openers of the Gate, by Beck

From Six-on-Six to Full Court Press: A Century of Iowa Girl’s Basketball, by Beran

Psychic Healing, by Ramacharaka

Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, by Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076

His Invention So Fertile: A Life of Christopher Wren, by Tinniswood

Cletrac and Oliver Crawlers Photo Archive, by Letourneau

The Flight of the Bonnie Prince Charlie, by Douglas

The Early Biographies of Samuel Johnson, by Brack

Blood on the Mountain: A History of the Temple Mount from the Ark to the 3rd Mill, by Andrews

The Practice of Autosuggestion, by Brooks

The Quimby Manuscripts, by Dresser, ed.

Ramses the Great, and Exhibition in the City of Dallas, by Freed

Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, by Webster

The First Paper Girl in Red Oak, Iowa, by Webster

The Warriors and the Bankers, by Butler

For Power in Masonry, by Pike


  1. The Powys brothers are usually worth reading. I'd give The Cradle of God a shot if I were you. But I'd probably wait until the long winter nights are drawing in.

  2. Didn't they have a writing sister, too? Quite the family. I started A Glastonbury Romance a long time ago but have never gotten around to finishing it.

    At the moment I'm reading Psychic Healing, by Ramacharaka, so when the government takes over health care I will have an alternative.

  3. I'm sure the Powysi had a writing family dog too. Try "Weymouth Sands" light fiction by the usual Powys standard.

    And thanks for the healthcare tip. I hadn't thought of that. I may indulge myself in a few volumes of mad Dr Wilhelm Reich's works for the same reason.


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