In the 8th of August the sun is corporally conjoined with Basiliscus

The summer of the present is not the summer of the future we daydreamed of in summers of the past.


  1. You can say that again.

    "The present is not a newer version of the past, but an infinity unto itself. Think upon it! And the past, well that is an inexplicable, category of the poetic, that arises in thought. Dwell there if you like, and at your own risk. You are staring at the world . . . that is how I developed this picture taking method . . . I don't know why we are confused by mere chronological time terminology at all! People in the distant past weren't--- All you have to do is read their books to find that out."

    Thanks for the opportunity to quote from my exclusive source: the notebooks of Edward Williams.

  2. No, thank you, for ornamenting my bare branch of post with insights from the notebooks of our friend Mr. Willaims.

  3. are you implying that there are less lizards in our imaginations?

  4. I don't know, it depends upon your individual over/under for lizards.

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