Edacious flora

High atop a lonely mountain, deep within the Philippines jungle, a carnivorous plant that eats rats has been discovered, by a crack team of British carnivorous plant experts who just happened to be in the area.

Giant carnivorous plant Nepenthes Attenboroughii
Remember the cow eating tree in India known as the pili mara? Hopefully this amazing find will force establishment botanists to reconsider the evidence for its existence.


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  2. Cash at my doorstep sounds good..generally they leave infants in baskets instead. Noisy little buggers.

  3. "Establishment botantist"? Are those botanists who operate by established methods of botany, or botanists who operate for the benefit of the Establishment? Just what applecart are you trying to upset? Define your terms!

  4. Dyana: May you get eaten by a tree.

    Lloyd: Both. They stand in opposition to the cryptobotanists, who for cryptic reasons operate with few or any methods of actual botany (most cryptobotany is done by reading old newspapers).

  5. When are scientists going to genetically engineer a type of cannibalistic grass (as in eats itself) that lazy people like me can plant so that we don't have to spend these oppressively hot summer afternoons mowin' the lawn?

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  7. Christopher Walken was right:



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